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Earn Money Through Our Referral Program

LoanBazaarOnline’s Referral Program is a simple way to make money if you refer someone to process their loan through us. We shall pay out a specified percentage of the disbursed loan amount to you. This is applicable for Home loans, Loan Against Property, Personal Loan, Car Loam, Business Loan & Education Loan.

How do you refer Customers?

If you are interested in referring your friend or a relative or someone whom you know, you shall provide your details to us. We would contact you immediately to provide you more details on the referral program. Further, if the person referred by you gets a loan through us, you will be intimated through SMS or email regarding the payment. The payment will be paid to you by means of Cheque on the subsequent month of disbursement.

Your referral earnings will depend on the payout structure effective at the time of loan disbursement.

Referral Program Rewarding Structure:

- - Example
Loan Type Referral Pay Out % Loan Amount Referral Pay out Amount
Home Loan 0.2% of disbursed loan 30 L 6,000
Loan Against Property 0.2% of disbursed loan 20 L 4,000
Personal Loan 0.5% of disbursed loan 4 L 2,000
Business Loan 0.5% of disbursed loan 10 L 5,000
Car Loan 0.4% of disbursed loan 6 L 2,400

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